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WB Games Montreal has posted a job listing today for “Gameplay Programmer,” which comes with the generic responsibilities you would expect, like “work closely with designers, artists, and other engineers to create a great player experience.” More notable however is that the listing says “experience with Unreal Engine and Multiplayer architecture is a plus,” and experience with “online networking” is desired as well. When you consider that WB Games Montreal is heavily rumored to be working on a new Batman game called Batman: Arkham Legacy, it seems to indicate the game will have multiplayer — and it might be online multiplayer.

Eternally eagle-eyed YouTuber Doctre81 broke this information, who has a knack for picking up clues about game development from job listings and LinkedIn bios. You can watch his short video on the subject below.

The previous rumor for Arkham: Legacy claimed there would be a “playable family,” likely alluding to Batman’s family of allies including Robin, Nightwing, and the rest of the crew. If true, this would certainly lend itself to multiplayer of some kind. Likewise, WB Games Montreal’s previous Batman title, Batman: Arkham Origins, had online multiplayer as well.

Additionally, clues point to this title being built on Switch-friendly Unreal Engine 4, and other evidence uncovered by Doctore81 himself suggests the game could come to Nintendo Switch. So we shouldn’t immediately dismiss the possibility of this (unconfirmed) game coming to the hybrid platform.

So basically — if Arkham Legacy exists, it might have multiplayer, it might be online, and it might come to Nintendo Switch. Now how’s that for a sticks-and-glue rumor?!

Let us know what you think of this intriguing and extremely unconfirmed development.


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