Cuphead 2 may be in development at StudioMDHR

Tom and Tony Bancroft conduct “The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast,” and on a new episode, one of them discussed that he had received three separate offers to work on major 2D animation projects recently. Particularly, one of the three was for a “major sequel” to “one of the top video games of last year or so.” He did not specifically give a name, but going off the description he gave, he added, “That should be easy to guess, maybe.” Yeah, it sounds a lot like a Cuphead 2 from StudioMDHR.

A morsel to add support to this theory is that only one of the three projects discussed is located in North America, and StudioMDHR is headquartered in Canada. Furthermore, two out of the three projects asked for the animators to do drawings with pencil and paper and then scan them into a computer (as opposed to doing everything digitally), which is how StudioMDHR works.

However, it is important to remember that Cuphead already has announced DLC on the way this year: “The Delicious Last Course.” It is entirely possible the animator on this podcast misspoke and is referring to this DLC as opposed to a brand new game. So no matter how likely it is that the game in question is Cuphead — we can’t be sure it’s Cuphead 2.

But hey, there’s no rush regardless. We’re still busy loving the first Cuphead on Switch right now.


John Friscia
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