Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy
Image source: Game Boy Wiki

Earlier this month, rumors went flying about the possibility of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games landing on the Nintendo Switch Online service in the near future. Many fans thus went into the latest Nintendo Direct expecting that Game Boy games would be revealed for the service there; instead, many players were delighted at the surprise reveal of Nintendo 64 and Genesis games, which are now slated for a higher-paid tier of Nintendo Switch Online. Soon after the Direct, however, many fans started to wonder about the earlier rumors, and whether Game Boy games would land on the service after all. According to at least one reputable insider (Tom Phillips, news editor at Eurogamer), they still anticipate that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will land on the NSO service soon, perhaps as part of the NES/SNES lower-priced tier. You can check out the tweet he shared this info from below.

If Phillips’ sources and intuitions are correct, we should be seeing Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on Nintendo Switch Online soon enough. I hope so, because I would be very excited to try out a few hidden gems from Nintendo’s first attempt at a handheld system.


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