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As we recently reported on, Capcom fell victim to a massive hack this month, and potentially years’ worth of its future video game plans were subsequently leaked online, including a potential localization of The Great Ace Attorney for the West. While we did initially report on The Great Ace Attorney, we refrained from covering any further information from the Capcom leaks since, at the end of the day, it’s all maliciously stolen information. However, today we have a new rumor that comes not directly from the hack but rather a regular, non-law-breaking leaker of Capcom news: Dusk Golem on ResetEra. The leaker claims that a project essentially being treated as Resident Evil Revelations 3 is in development for Nintendo Switch as its primary platform, and it will come to other platforms as well.

Resident Evil Revelations 3 (or whatever its final name proves to be) will allegedly lean harder into survival horror than action horror, and Dusk Golem believes Rebecca Chambers is planned to be part of it. The leaker decided to come forward with this information in order to quash separate, allegedly false rumors that a Resident Evil Outbreak 3 was in development.

Of course, these are all unverified claims and you should treat them as such. However, Dusk Golem has a relatively solid track record when it comes to leaking Resident Evil news. If you’ve been hoping to see Capcom deliver a Resident Evil Revelations 3 on Nintendo Switch or any other platform, this might be cause for cautious optimism.


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