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Critically well-received Sonic the Hedgehog games are not an overly common thing these days. However, 2010’s Sonic Colors on Wii and Nintendo DS was essentially one of the few and the proud in that regard, and Sega may not be done with it: German dubbing studio iksample has a page on its website stating that it has worked on game localization for a project called Sonic Colors Remastered. A thumbnail for the page uses a graphic from a different game, Sonic Boom, but that could be an erroneous placeholder. The page is dated Dec. 20, 2020.

Presuming the iksample page is accurate and legitimate, it seems likely that Sonic Colors is coming to modern platforms (and that the game will receive a German localization this time). Whether it would keep the title Sonic Colors Remastered is unclear and maybe even unlikely, and it is also unclear to what extent the game is being reworked. It could very well be the case that Sega is upping the resolution, making everything HD, and calling it a day — and that would probably be good enough for a lot of fans.

Anything is possible in the world of rumors. Stay tuned for a more official stance on Sonic Colors Remastered from Sega.


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