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Nintendo and Nvidia have been collaborating for quite a few years now. The pair decided to go with the Tegra X1 chipset as the SoC that powers the flagship Switch. Now, rumors are circulating that the two companies are hard at work on a new, customized version of the chipset that will be the heart of the strongly-rumored “Switch Pro.”

The Switch Pro is allegedly a brand-new version of the flagship Switch that is said to be more powerful than the system we have today. While rumors surrounding it have been circulating for about a year now, the latest rumor paints a rather interesting picture. Before now, it’s been expected for Switch Pro to be significantly more powerful than the current Switch, but the new rumor suggests that the new, custom chipset will be more on the modest side of the spectrum rather than a massive advancement.

This alleged new processor is reported to be based on the Volta architecture from Nvidia. This is two generations higher than the Maxwell architecute that the existing Tegra X1 uses. Even so, this alleged new processor is not expected to feature 4K support nor any massive leaps in performance. Likely, it could end up being more of an efficiency upgrade rather than trying to make half-gen jumps.

It is also being reported that production has not began yet, which would make a 2020 release rather difficult to achieve. This point of the rumor does disagree with another rumor that broke out a few weeks ago which suggested that we should expect a new Switch model by sometime this year.

If you feel a little confused as to exactly what’s going on, then welcome to the beautiful world of Rumorville. It’s literally impossible to determine exactly what details are true or false, because they can literally turn out to be anything, if they materialize at all. Until Nintendo finally comes out and even formally announces that another Switch model is on the way, the very existence of a Switch Pro in any capacity is a mystery within of itself, let alone what will power it. As I always say, we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how the situation pans out. In the meantime, just continue taking these rumors with a grain of salt (hopefully you don’t end up with high cholesterol from all these stories).

One detail to make mention of is that the Switch Lite and the second edition of the flagship Switch both use modified Tegra X1 chipsets that are coded a bit differently than the original model. That’s why each of these variants have better battery life than the original Switch. So, clearly Nintendo and Nvidia have dabbled in Switch-specific chipset upgrades already. Thus, it’s certainly in the realm of possibility for the dynamic duo to take things a step further.

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