Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer Dr. Robotnik Jim Carrey rumor

Man. On the list of things I’m not excited about, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is currently pretty high on the list. Everything that’s leaked or been teased so far has just looked so bland in an almost Uwe Boll sort of way. Speaking of which — have a look at an alleged leaked photo of Dr. Robotnik as portrayed by Jim Carrey.

I’m having trouble articulating in human words how underwhelming the Dr. Robotnik image is, if it’s even real. Of course, in the Sonic movie’s defense, this could all look a lot nicer in action in tomorrow’s rumored trailer. I’d be happy to be proven wrong about all of my opinions here. But… suffice to say, I think Detective Pikachu will be the only good video game movie this year.

Nintendo Enthusiast EIC Brett Medlock has a slightly more positive opinion though! Check out his opinions below and let us know what you think.


John Friscia
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