The following rumour comes from a source who has proven to be correct in the past…

I threw some questions out in the ether and the response to the whole ME3/METri thing appears to be \”EA did not expect Wii U owners to buy Mass Effect, anyway, so no point in porting over three games. If ME3 sells gangbusters, they\’ll consider it a proper summer home for Mass Effect.\” ShockingAlberto, NeoGAF

We\’ve all heard that EA have kinda fallen out with Nintendo after the whole Nintendo Network/Origin deal fall-through, so this rumour wouldn\’t be surprising at all. Third party support on Nintendo platforms is a more modern \”chicken and the egg\”, where third party games don\’t sell, but that’s generally as there aren\’t any good third party games to buy! Loads of third parties are jumping on board the Wii U, its just a shame EA are taking a more cautious approach.



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