Earlier today Nintendo and SEGA teased the world with the confirmation and first glimpse at art-work for the Wii U annd 3DS exclusive Sonic: Lost World.

Allegedly SEGA shared the first details and three screens for Sonic Lost World via it’s Facebook page. Sadly this information has now been pulled, but not before several people saw it, and shared it with Sonic Stadium…

The sonic Facebook page just leaked a picture of the lost world, six “guardians”,
And the announcement that sega and Nintendo are forming an “exclusive partnership” for three games.

Another tip came in saying…

The Facebook page accidentally leaked 3 pictures of the game with important information:
– Full details will be announced on the 29th.
– the lost world (not worlds) is a partially unfinished planet seemingly made of hexagon tiles.
– the game has six “guardians” who may be friends or foes- only their outlines are shown but they look very cartoony, like characters from Rayman.
– most importantly, Sega and Nintendo have entered an exclusive partnership for Sonic’s next three games.
These photos should still be accessible, they’re just not in posts but rather in the picture gallery itself.
At this point I consider the Sonic Excursion rumor to have no credibility.

Make of this what you will, but hopefully we will know for sure in twelve days time….

[Source: Sonic Stadium]


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