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The publisher of the Arcade Archives program, Hamster, is bringing another classic title to Switch today. Rush’n Attack is the next Arcade Archives release, which arrives on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $7.99. If you’ve not heard of this one before, Rush’n Attack did have another name in other regions back on release in 1985. Green Beret was its name in the Japan and Europe regions

For the U.S., Rush’n Attack was a run-and-gun arcade shooter launched as a Konami arcade title. It featured a Cold War setting (not surprising for the era) and utilized close-range knife attacks alongside more traditional shooting aspects.

The setup is that the player takes control of a United States special operations soldier. You’re then tasked with saving prisoners of war across a variety of Cold War regions, including a Siberian camp. There was also an NES version that launched a few years after the arcade release in various regions. That version changed some objectives, while also including a few extra stages.

Rush’n Attack comes a couple of weeks after the last Arcade Archives release, Gradius II. Hamster is continuing to bulk out the Arcade Archives library as the Switch becomes a great place to replay some arcade classics.


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