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During the RWBY Panel RTX at Home 2021, Rooster Teeth officially unveiled RWBY: Arrowfell. The upcoming game is a Metroidvania from Shantae developer WayForward, and it’s 100% canon to the show! In the follow-up RWBY Beyond panel, we learned additional details about the art, gameplay, and more. We also learned that Rob Buchanan is the Game Director, and he revealed that adapting RWBY into a video game is a dream project.

How the RWBY dream project came to be

rwby: arrowfell dream project

After Grimm Eclipse, the RWBY team at Rooster Teeth was looking to partner up for another video game. They had a few possible ideas in mind, but WayForward was their favorite choice. Geoff Yetter reached out to WayForward via LinkedIn and was surprised to learn that WayForward was full of RWBY fans eager to work on the project. ArcSystemWorks came on board (as publisher in Asia) thanks to their past experience with both WayForward and Rooster Teeth.

Director Rob Buchanan considers it a dream project, as he “strives to live in the world” of the games he works on, and he was already a fan of RWBY. He believes it’s a rich brand and world, and that its characters perfectly lend themselves to fun combat. Rooster Teeth also worked with WayFoward to make sure the story could be 100% canon to the show, fitting into Volume 7’s time skip.

About RWBY: Arrowfell


RWBY: Arrowfell is a Metroidvania and has been compared to Shantae. The core focus of the gameplay is on the combat, with all of Team RWBY using unique attacks. There will also be “light platforming” and exploration, including item-based progression. You can also expect some RPG elements, including crafting.

The cast includes familiar faces (with their original voice actors), and there’s a focus on side characters who didn’t get enough screen time in the show. Clover of the Ace Ops was specifically mentioned as someone who will play a significant role in the game. But there will also be newcomers, including Team BRIR: Bianca, Roane, Ivy, and Ruda. New Grimm types will also appear, and we got a look at concept art for the new Razerwing enemy.

A blend of styles

Arrowfell‘s characters have a chibi look that was reached by combining the show’s original art with WayForward’s signature style. The RWBY team gave WayForward permission to re-imagine their character designs, simplifying the details and amplifying key characteristics. They shared a selection of concept art showing the transition from Rooster Teeth’s style to WayForward’s in-game models, although it’s all in the pre-alpha stage currently. Meanwhile, the backgrounds are hand-drawn and layered for a sense of depth.

You can look forward to more news on RWBY: Arrowfell later this year. Hopefully the “dream project” lives up to the hype.



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