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Remember how shocked you were to see Saber Interactive port The Witcher 3 to Switch? According to the studio’s CEO, Matt Karch, even The Witcher 3 did not demonstrate the Switch’s full power potential, and some surprising upcoming games will show that. He elaborated a little bit in his recent interview with wccftech. Check out the excerpt below.

We [Saber Interactive] have had enormous success so far, launching many titles on the Switch, and we are continuing to develop for the platform. We do feel there is more developers can get out of the Switch hardware, and we think fans will be surprised at some of the upcoming titles for it.

Karch has already stated that World War Z, whose Switch version is also being handled by Saber Interactive, is an even bigger challenge than The Witcher 3 to port to Switch. That’s pretty understandable, given that that’s a third-person shooter with four-player online play and a tendency to fill the screen with hundreds of zombies at a time. I’m already quite skeptical about what compromises will be necessary to make World War Z function on Switch. If Saber Interactive does end up doing a good job on that port, and the bar can go even higher than that, well, Matt Karch is right. I’ll be surprised.

What sort of ports could be more shocking than World War Z or The Witcher 3? Red Dead Redemption 2Grand Theft Auto V? Do you think any Switch port maestros, Saber Interactive or otherwise, can possibly handle that? What do you think?


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