American Mega Man cover

When I think of Capcom’s mascot, I think of Mega Man. The Blue Bomber has been around since 1987 and has 11 mainline games to his name. But back when the original title came out in North America, something seemed off. And that something was the American box art cover for Mega Man. It featured a strange man donning yellow and blue armor the character does not wear. It certainly raised some eyebrows, including from former Capcom designer, Yoshiki Okamoto.

Why is the American Mega Man cover so uniquely terrible?

Reflecting on his early days at Capcom (before he worked on such classics as Street Fighter II and Resident Evil), Okamoto had this to say about Mega Man:

So, the overseas version of Rockman is called Mega Man. Have you ever seen the package illustration? It’s an old man in blue tights wearing a helmet. He’s standing in a bendy, crab pose with a tube in his hand.

And I couldn’t believe this was allowed to happen. It’s like, I’m sure everyone hates it! I mean, we made this game together, you know. But because it had to cross the ocean…

…We had to listen to the opinions of the marketing staff over there [Capcom USA] about what’s “appealing” and “popular”.

Apparently, an old man looking confused about his surroundings is considered “popular” in North America.

Of course, Okamoto would have nipped all of this in the bud had he had more authority:

If I had more authority then — if I was stronger — none of this would have happened. That’s what I thought. As a matter of fact, I *still* think about it. In the end, if I had the final say… I could have said “NO!”

I’d be curious to see what Okamoto would do with a time machine. If he had his way, we’d never have Street Fighter X Tekken‘s Mega Man:

American Mega Man cover

Enthusiasts, do you have a love/hate relationship with the North American Mega Man cover? Let us know below.

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