Saints Row: The Third is Getting a Nintendo Switch Port

We have heard from Nintendo fans online about how “everything should be ported to Switch”. So far, Nintendo has complied. Back in June, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced that ports for its popular home/handheld hybrid will start to arrive much sooner after their original releases.

On top of newer releases, Switch owners have been surprised to see releases for considerably older games like Night Trap and Sky Skipper. If you were to put money down that we’d be getting a port of Saints Row: The Third, however, I’d be convinced you were Marty McFly with the video game release list equivalent of the Grays Sports Almanac.

That’s exactly what we got, though! In a pinned tweet, the Deep Silver UK Twitter account made the exciting, albeit head-scratching announcement that Saints Row: The Third will be coming to Switch. The only other guarantee is that more information will “be revealed in due course.”

To put this into context, Saints Row: The Third was released back in 2011. The last game to be released in the franchise was Saints Row IV in 2013. So why are we seeing the third game get the port treatment?

A good reason is likely because of how well it sold. Preorder numbers were four times that of Saints Row 2 before The Third‘s November 2011 release. That resulted in 4 million units sold by April 2012 before hitting 5.5 million units by the end of the year. Being the most critically well-received title in the franchise doesn’t hurt either. All that leads to believe Deep Silver is hoping lightning will strike twice by riding on the Switch wave of sales.

Was Saints Row: The Third your favorite in the franchise? Do you hope this will lead to a new entry in the off-beat, Grand Theft Auto-like series? Sound off below with your thoughts!

David Giltinan
David has been involved in games media since 2012 running his own blog, YouTube channel, being a founding member of RETRO Magazine, and now as host/producer of ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast. He also dabbles in voiceover and is occasionally a stunt double for Jude Law.


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