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Masahiro Sakurai plays lots and lots of games, but you wouldn’t know it just by following his social media channels. That’s largely due to the Super Smash Bros. fandom and its tendency for haphazard speculation. Sakurai has discovered that he can’t really mention anything he’s playing online – or even appear on TV shows that show off individual games – without the permanently rabid Super Smash Bros. fanbase wondering aloud whether or not he just implicitly confirmed a character for Nintendo’s greatest crossover. To avoid fanning those flames, Sakurai just tries to keep quiet about what he’s playing. He discussed the matter in his latest Famitsu column – check out the excerpt below, translated by Nintendo Everything.

“I normally play a ton of games, but if people find out what kinds of games I’m playing, they have a tendency to start making a fuss over, ‘Did Sakurai just confirm so-and-so for Smash?!’ These misunderstandings spread like wildfire particularly in countries abroad. I have to be extremely careful, so I don’t write about what I’m playing on Twitter, and I have to decline appearing on TV shows or programs that highlight a specific game.”

I’d love to hear Sakurai provide a more complete picture of his favorite games and what he likes about them, but if not doing so protects the internet from diving into total chaos every two weeks, well, I understand. Still, though, I am quite curious. What’s he like to play? Is he perhaps hopelessly addicted to Star Fox 64 like I am? Does he stay up late into the night playing an endless rotation of NES games? What Sakurai has comically awful taste, and he’s using the Super Smash Bros. community as a shield?

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