Masahiro Sakurai is gifting Sora Co. Ltd. staff office furniture to work at home Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Masahiro Sakurai, famous director of the Super Smash Bros. series, is going out of his way to help his Sora Co. Ltd. staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help staff creating Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content work efficiently at home, Sakurai is creating a budget to provide office furniture for remote work. In his latest Famitsu column, Sakurai spoke about how working from home is affecting development.

Over the last few months, much of the working world has converted to home office setups. This can cause a difficult transition period for many people, who need to become acclimated to a completely different way of work. It’s fantastic to see a director like Sakurai look out for his staff in this way.

Nintendo Everything has translated a quote from Sakurai on what his office equipment program provides:

I decided to create a Sora Co., Ltd. company budget to support everyone working from home.

As long as they’re a team member on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we’ll buy furniture for them to work from home. They can even choose what they need without restrictions: desks, chairs, monitors, monitor mounts, simple partitions, soundproof floor mats, webcams, headsets, video switchers, small tables, and so on.

Sora Co., Ltd. is a company set up by the Super Smash Bros. director over a decade ago, and Sakurai’s offer extends to temporary and loaned staff too, making the gesture even more generous.


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