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Despite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate recently passing all iterations of Street Fighter II as the best-selling fighting game ever, famed series producer Masahiro Sakurai believes that the beloved classic fighter will persist as the king of fighting games. Sakurai said as much in his latest Famitsu column, according to a Tweet thread of translations by Robert Sephazon.

Sakurai shared a lot of praise for the classic fighter throughout his column. Aside from suggesting that Street Fighter II‘s throne is safe from his recent Game of the Year nominee, he also discussed how so many other fighting games have turned to it for inspiration.

After sharing his affections for Street Fighter II, Sakurai shifted his focus onto what distinguishes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from other fighting games. Describing his magnum opus title as a bit of a paradox, Sakurai briefly discussed how Super Smash Bros. Ultimate balances the deep, technical strategies of a hardcore fighting game with an experience that is still fun for anyone to pick up and play. In that respect, Sakurai illustrates Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as more of a party game.

Do you believe that Street Fighter II is still the king, or is Sakurai just incredibly humble? Can you even compare the two games, really? They are built quite differently, after all, with different audiences and design goals in mind. Sakurai said it himself: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is more of a party game, while Street Fighter II is pure fighter. What do you think?

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