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We’re nearly at the end of a long and incredible journey. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched three years ago with a massive roster that included every past fighter. Since then, that lineup has continued to grow with regular DLC releases. We’ve seen a wide variety of newcomers, including big surprises like Sephiroth, Joker, and Banjo-Kazooie. Tomorrow, director Masahiro Sakurai will officially unveil the final Smash DLC character, and it seems he’s very excited. Probably because it means he gets a vacation!

Sakurai on the final Smash DLC

Over the past few days, Sakurai has taken to Twitter to remind players of the upcoming presentation and to tease the final Smash DLC. On Saturday, he tweeted (thanks to PushDustin for translation) that you should “let your imagination run wild” in anticipation of the reveal. Smash players have been doing that for years, so there’s no shortage of wish lists for the final fighter. Then today, Sakurai tweeted (this time in English) saying, “Whether you’re a Smash Bros. player or simply love games, make sure to tune in!”

Sakurai also tweeted several more times in Japanese, and PushDustin translated once again. The follow-up message reads, “You may not know the new fighter, or it might be different from your personal expectations. BUT, we hope you enjoy this game show and the broadcast itself! I really enjoyed recording the broadcast.” Some are taking this to mean that the final Smash DLC will be a character that’s less familiar in Japan, but PushDustin disagrees with that interpretation.

So who will Sakurai unveil as the final Smash DLC fighter? We’ve heard tons of rumors over the years ranging from Sora to Master Chief to Crash Bandicoot. And of course, Waluigi is always a fan favorite. But Nintendo could surprise us with absolutely anyone. Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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