Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time gameplay trailer Genndy Tartakovsky interview

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time marks a beloved cartoon’s return to the video game medium. While we do not know exactly when the game, slated for Summer 2020, will land, we do have some fresh new gameplay to take in, courtesy of GameInformer. The video below clocks in at just below eight minutes, and shows off some smooth gameplay where Jack uses a host of different weapons to take down a wide variety of enemies in what looks to be straightforward combat with a bit of underlying depth. Give the demo a watch to see what I mean.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time has a lot of promise. While the folks playing the demo couldn’t seem to get a good glimpse at what is going on with the story, we do know a little bit thanks to last month’s interview between IGN and cartoon legend Genndy Tartakovsky: the game will pick up from the original series finale and involve, you guessed it, Jack adventuring through time.

The interview with Tartakovsky should also provide fans with a lot of hope for the game’s quality. Aside from the fact that a time-trekking adventure with tons of period-specific enemies and weaponry just sounds cool, Tartakovsky asserts that Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is getting a special sort of love and respect that past games in the series were not granted. Additionally, he’s explained that being under Adult Swim’s wing gives a lot more freedom to the developers to expand gameplay with items such as guns. All in all, the game looks to be coming along quite well – that’s apparent in the video above – and I can’t wait to learn more about it.

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