Satisfye SwitchGrip Pro 2 remodel revision

I love my Nintendo Switch like crazy. It’s an incredible blend between portable gaming and home console action that has totally changed the way I buy and play my games. Still, as revolutionary of a console as it is, it isn’t without flaws. I can’t help but sometimes feel like the awkward, pinky-gripping method I use to hold my Switch comfortably when undocked isn’t the best way to go about using the system. Thankfully, a company called Satisfye felt the same way as me, launching an attachable grip last year for the Nintendo Switch that aimed to improve the ergonomics of the hybrid Nintendo system. Now they’ve released a model revision of their SwitchGrip Pro, and while the differences may seem minor, they add up to an incredibly comfortable portable gaming experience.

Satisfye SwitchGrip Pro 2 remodel revision

New model at bottom

Initially, it’s hard to see any difference between the previous Satisfye SwitchGrip Pro and the current one. Same form factor, same color, same slightly distracting logo engraving on the right of the unit. The most immediately noticeable change in this new model is the addition of red rubber ribbings protruding from the inner sides and wall of the grip. In the previous version of the SwitchGrip Pro, putting it on involved snugly sliding your Switch against the bare plastic of the grip in order to lock it into place. Not only did it feel like a tight fit, but it was worrying to have the back of my console repeatedly sliding against the hard plastic of the Satisfye SwitchGrip.

Thankfully, the rubber bumps on the new grip alleviate that concern entirely. Sliding my Switch into and out of the SwitchGrip Pro feels much softer and safer, and thanks to the rubber bumps, my Switch never makes contact with any part of the plastic of the grip. The fit is still secure, and I never experienced the grip coming out of place or jangling loose during my time with it. It’s a minor change from Satisfye, but it absolutely elevates the experience of using this grip in a major way.

On top of the new silicon bumpers, there are also some minor ergonomic changes to the Satisfye SwitchGrip Pro that make it even more comfortable to use than the previous version. The previous version of the grip had some awkward sharp angles at the top corners of the unit, but those have been smoothed out into softer curvature on the latest revision. The design of the handles has also been altered slightly, with a slimmer size all around and reduced angling on the bottom of the handles to improve their fit in your hands. While the changes to the grip don’t feel as immediately noticeable as the inclusion of the rubber padding, they help contribute to making the design of the SwitchGrip Pro a lot sleeker than the previous iteration. The new version of the Satisfye grip is slightly thinner, and slightly shorter, helping it blend into the profile of the Switch better.

Before using a grip, my Nintendo Switch rarely bothered me with the ergonomics of its handheld mode. Now, though, it’s hard to imagine myself playing with the device for extended periods of time without any kind of grip. I already appreciated the previous version of the Satisfye SwitchGrip Pro, but this new iteration helps solidify it as a permanent part of my Nintendo Switch accessory family.

case Satisfye SwitchGrip Pro 2 remodel revision

Disclaimer: Samples were provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.

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