Say No! More trailer shows off hilarious gameplay and wild graphics


Today Thunderful Publishing put out a new gameplay trailer for Say No! More. The trailer gives a much better insight into the gameplay of this upcoming title, developed by Studio Fizbin, though we still have no release date for the game right now beyond “2020.”

As you can see, the game definitely has its own sense of style. Say No! More is a one-button game in which combat is made up of you pressing, tapping, or holding the “No!” button to build up a huge refusal. It’s a simple concept, but it seems to have legs.

The game is built around the idea that interns are not only stepped on and over by everyone in a company, but they’re constantly ignored and asked to do a huge number of unreasonable tasks. Unfortunately, most people in an internship will just say yes because they want to get a job when their internship is over.

Saying no is a powerful tool, and in Say No! More it’s given the force to knock colleagues over, out, and over the edge of walkways. In a world where everyone is fighting for their dream job, being a pushover can quickly become your identity, but this game shows you that it doesn’t have to be.

We’ll keep you updated with Say No! More and its eventual release date.


Jamie Sharp
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