Sayonara Wild

Have you all seen Sayonara Wild Hearts? We previewed it at E3 2019, and it’s a stylish, gorgeous title. What is essentially an endless runner mixed with a music video, Sayonara Wild Hearts looks to be a unique Switch indie, on a console full of them. Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer to play it, since it is due September 19, 2019.

Sayonara Wild Hearts = Sensory overload

Along with the release date announcement, publisher Annapurna Interactive provided an overview of Sayonara Wild Hearts‘ key features:

  • Original vocal pop soundtrack
  • Mix of erratic dances, superb fashion, anime, subcultures, and arcade games of yesteryear
  • Cast of characters based on tarot cards
  • Colors and music attacking the senses all at once
  • New mechanics introduced in every stage to keep players on their toes
  • Tough but fair gameplay
  • Frame rate of 60 FPS in both docked and handheld mode
  • Almost non-existent loading times

Quite a list of pros. I’m salivating with enthusiasm!

If you want some visuals to go with the words above, here’s a new trailer that will melt your eyeballs. Be careful if you have epilepsy:

My eyes and ears have been assaulted. It’s still a stylish beauty, though. I’m hope my body can handle a full playthrough.

Enthusiasts, will you be picking up Sayonara Wild Hearts next week? Let us know below.


Arthur Damian
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