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Four years after its January 2017 cancellation, Scalebound is still an infamous name in gaming circles. The failed partnership between PlatinumGames and Microsoft will leave us forever wondering what could have been from the fantasy action title, but now, it turns out that Bayonetta 3 might be the next best place to see how Scalebound may have played in practice. Why is that? Well, according to former Scalebound creative producer JP Kellams, the fantasy adventure’s former lead designer, Yusuke Miyata, is directing Bayonetta 3. Furthermore, at least a couple of mechanics in Bayonetta 3 seem to resemble some that would have initially appeared in Scalebound. Kellams elaborates in the tweets below.

This is not exactly surprising, since PlatinumGames designed both of the games in question here, but it is cool to see. Since Scalebound will almost certainly never see the light of day, we will have to instead hope that its ideas and concepts might find life in other projects and games. As time goes on, we may learn of other ways that the cancelled project has influenced subsequent projects at PlatinumGames – or, hey, maybe the game will somehow resurface someday. PlatinumGames would love to see it, after all.

Are you excited for Bayonetta 3? Were you ever excited for Scalebound? How do you feel about what we have seen from Minata and Bayonetta 3 so far? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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