The day has finally come where Scirra has become an approved Nintendo developer. There has been rumblings for several months that Nintendo and Scirra were talking about working together to help bring the Construct 2 tool to Wii U. Today Scirra confirmed they have become an approved Nintendo developer.

We\’ve just had confirmation from Nintendo that we\’re now approved for Wii U software development! We\’ll be looking at adding a Wii U exporter to Construct 2!

Construct 2 is a HTML5 based game development tool. It is primarily aimed at non-programmers as it utilises a simple drag and drop visual editor as well as a behaviour based logic system. You can check out some videos of games make using Construct 2 here.

We\’ve all seen over the past few months as the floodgates of indie development has opened with the Wii U, which will now only increase further!


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