The Score is back with your feedback about the future of Nintendo Enthusiast and a new question about a game that could put the Wii U back on track… if Nintendo decided to make it…

The Score: Episode 11

If Nintendo made \”Wii Sports U\”, What would you want included? Name your Top 5 Sports or Features…

To answer this question, head to the comments section below, or to our forums, Twitter or even our Facebook page and have your say!…

Last week, we asked you…

What feature, article, interview or news coverage would you like to see on Nintendo Enthusiast? Quite an exciting question if I say so myself, we even have a special guest response this week, so head below and find out what you had to say!…

Your Responses

  • Keep challenging the negativity hyperbole without becoming fan-boys.
  • Think outside of the box whenever possible.
  • Go further than your peers in support the Indies, i.e. Kickstarters with potential Nintendo support
  • In other words, more of the same, please.

I only go to two international Nintendo fan-sites regularly since discovering you guys and I\’m rapidly tiring of the drama-train being pulled by the negative-hype engine over on the other site…


P.S. Permalinks to the Kickstarter and Fan Petition pages so people can find them immediately on landing at the site.

I currently have to trawl the features section to find the Kickstarter feature now 😉


Andy: Certainly a great idea there DonQuixote about the Permalinks, and I\’ve already been investigating such a feature. I\’m currently thinking a new task bar on the right-hand side of the page, or update links across the top of the page… hopefully this will be live in the not so distant future!

When/if you can get some of the team to see Gaming Events Live like E3, PAX, Tokyo Game Show, Gamescon to do interviews there. Atlus (as an example) hardly ever gets any Coverage from the shows yet they produce many games on 3DS and hopefully will get their first Wii U game out soon.

-David K

Andy: As we expand we will hopefully be able to provide more live coverage of the big events in the gaming world. We actually had some of the team attend shows in the past and am looking into increasing this. We\’ve covered live PAX coverage in the past, and there are already plans in place to cover E3 live next year! Exciting stuff is in store for sure!

I like this site just the way it is.  Insightful, unbiased articles and meaningful comments keep me coming back.


Andy: I like you too Alienfish 🙂

I would like to see an article covering which future games are going to support the Wii U Pro Controller, and if possible which current games support it also, I know there aren\’t that many and I think its a shame because its a comfortable controller.


Andy: That’s a great idea Buduski, I will suggest it to the features team! There’s also a chance this could be added to the \”top secret project\” we are currently working on. I can\’t say too much more, but it’s probably the biggest project this site has developed to date!

More frequent updates, but don\’t let it compromise the quality that makes me visit at least once a day.


Andy: We\’ve always tried to keep the balance between too much and not enough, but it takes a surprising amount of work. We currently have several teams working around the clock on news, reviews, feature articles, interviews, and community features such as The Score and The Mailbox. In most cases this is on top of them either working a full week, or studying in school or college,. Personally I work upwards of 60 hours a week in retail and work on the site every chance I get. 

We have a recently expanded news team who are just settling into their roles now that E3 has settled, but we\’ve just formed the features team who are just starting work now. We\’re also hoping to introduce a new feature on site called \”The Writer’s Workshop\” where we coach and develop our readers to write their own features which we will highlight each weekend!

We\’re always looking for new staff members to join our team in all fields including, news, reviews, interviews, social media and unique video content. If anyone reading is interested, send us an email, with two examples of your writing to [email protected]

More community solidarity, involvement from all of us. Features and comps or tournaments. What happened to DUI Friday?! I vote for PICOFOBWT (Pissed in Charge of Fuck-Off Big Weapon Tuesday)


Andy: I think the steps we\’ve mentioned above, about promoting talent from within as well as promoting indie talent is the first steps towards increasing our community solidarity. As for the game nights, such as Mattavelle1’s DUI Fridays (Need for Speed: Most Wanted) they are a great idea, the only downside are the various time-zones our readers are based in. Perhaps as we get larger (and I get a secretary, like I was to Menashe) we would be able to put something together. Here’s hoping Nintendo include VOiP in Mario Kart, Smash Bros etc

and now, our very special guest…

I’d like to see Nintendo Enthusiast continue to spotlight independent developers who are trying to break out of the mold and push the art of games. There are so many talented artists and creators in this business, but unfortunately many of them are working on projects that don’t provide an opportunity for them to spread their wings creatively. Whenever someone tries to do something different and creative, if they succeed, it opens the door a little further for others to do the same. Nintendo Enthusiast has the power to help that cause.

-Mike Dietz, Owner/Animation Director at Pencil Test Studios, Inc.

Andy: We will certainly continue to provide as much coverage as we can for independent developers, and the various Kickstarter campaigns! All of the feedback we\’ve received suggests that this is a big draw for many of a readers, but what I would ask, is if you see a game, developer or campaign you\’re interested in and would like it to come to a Nintendo format, let us know, and we will do all we can to make it a reality!


Staff Responses

  • Andy – A secretary!

News & Social Team

  • Omar – I say we keep on doing what we\’ve always been doing. Who’s with me? \\o/

Reviews Team

  • Ryan – What do I want from the site? More interviews with indie developers I guess.


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