Screencheat: Unplugged, a remastered version of the hit shooter is coming to Switch on November 29th. Samurai Punk revealed that the game launches this week for $12.99, but people who pre-order it will only pay $9.74. For those who don’t know, Screencheat: Unplugged is a party-shooter that encourages players to spy on your friends.

Screen-looking is when you gaze at another player’s screen during local play. It’s frowned upon among the gaming community. The gimmick in Screencheat: Unplugged is that this action is required to win. Every player is invisible, and the only way to determine where your opponents are is by continually looking on the screen for their location.

The Switch version is “fully remastered and enhanced” according to the game’s official website

  • Complete visual overhaul
    • Brighter, more colourful and readable maps including level design tweaks
    • Highly-detailed redesigned and reanimated weapon models
    • Remastered character models plus brand new characters added to the mix
  • Brand new jazzy, electro soundtrack and updated sound effects
  • Revamped UI making it easier to get into games and customise to your hearts’ content
  • Full Nintendo Switch controller support (single / dual Joy-Con or Pro Controller)
  • Loads of new kill messages!

The Screencheat: Unplugged website also says that there are ten weapons, eleven maps, nine-game modes, and modifiers to alter the gameplay experience. Those looking for a fun, local multiplayer game should consider giving Screencheat: Unplugged a chance. It’s a unique experience that looks like a wonderful time with friends on the Switch.

How did you like the trailer? Have you played Screencheat on other consoles before? If so, will you be picking up Unplugged later this week? Be sure to leave a comment below.

Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez is the Co-Editor-In-Chief of Xbox Enthusiast. When not writing about Xbox, he's usually reading comics, talking about Taylor Swift, and dreaming of the perfect Jet Force Gemini Reboot. You can follow him on Twitter. @AJGVulture89


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