Fortnite season 6

Water is wet, the sun is hot, and Fortnite is getting another seasonal update.

For days, players followed an in-game teaser involving a giant jelly cube turning Loot Lake into a chaotic bouncy death pit. Shortly following that map update, Epic Games unveiled the full release of season 6 forĀ Fortnite, along with the accompanying Battle Pass that is already available for purchase.

As is the standard so far for Fortnite seasons, season 6 brings along a series of new cosmetics all falling under a specific visual theme. This time, players can embrace their inner Dancing Pumpkin Man with a slew of Halloween-themed skins, sprays, pickaxes, and more.

The Season 6 Battle Pass also introduces a brand new type of cosmetic — pets! Players can earn new tiny animal companions to hang out with them mid-match and silently judge you as you die at #97.

Another interesting update coming with season 6 is the introduction of the new item, Shadow Stones. These are consumables found in special “corrupted” areas of the map. Use one, and you’ll briefly go into “Shadow Form”, which grants you invisibility when still, on top of increased movement speed, fall damage immunity, and the ability to phase through objects. The effect only lasts 45 seconds, and you can’t use weapons while in Shadow Form, so players will have to make use of the new ability wisely.

News of season 6 comes shortly after the bombshell announcement from Sony that cross-platform play for Fortnite now extends to PS4. With the player base for Fortnite already exceedingly huge on every available platform, full cross-play functionality is sure to keep the game going even stronger for even longer.

Season 6 also introduces a bevy of other updates, fixes, and changes. Check out the full list of tweaks at Epic Games’ Patch Notes.

Are you excited to have a furry friend on the battlefield? Or to slip around silently with a Shadow Stone? Let us know in the comments!


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