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As we wait with feverous anticipation for No More Heroes 3, Suda51’s other franchise spin-off title is inching closer to release. Today, a listing on Amazon popped up for the Switch’s Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Furthermore, the description came with some wonderful news. Good news that involved a Season Pass, of all things.

Give me that all-inclusive package

Originally thought to be an eShop digital-only game, Travis Strikes Again looks like it will be receiving a physical edition, as well. On Amazon’s page for the title, there is talk of a Season Pass included that grants access to all the game’s future DLC.

That’s not the end of the interesting tidbits. The listing also mentions local co-op with a buddy where you can utilize powerful team-up attacks. Also, other famous indie titles will be in Travis Strikes Again via in-game swag. Hopefully, stuff like shirts and jackets with special guest characters adorning them won’t have to be paid for with cold hard cash.

Going by the website, it seems like Travis Strikes Again physical will release January 18, 2019, for $39.99. Not too shabby. Maybe the game will have a good length to offset some of the cost.

Are you readers happy to get a tiny cartridge version of Travis’ next adventure? Glad the Season Pass will be part of the package? Let us know in the vast comment field below!

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