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Though print media is almost a relic of the past, there are times a nice physical magazine receives a great cover story. And then there are books that delve a little deeper into video games. A Profound Waste of Time is one of those tomes. More or less a tribute to video game creation, the magazine had two issues created thanks to Kickstarter. The editions have been out of print for a while, but now both volumes of A Profound Waste of Time are getting a reprint.

The A Profound Waste of Time reprint is perfect for those who initially missed out like me

Gamers can pledge their support for the titles via Kickstarter once more. Depending on how much money you spend, you may receive extra goodies like enamel pins, tarot cards, and digital wallpapers.

What is inside?

If you are curious about what each issue contains, take a look below:

In Issue 1 you will find the words and art of:

  •  Yacht Club Games – Shovel Knight, Cyber Shadow 
  •  Jonathan Holmes – Destructoid, Nintendo Force, Sup Holmes
  •  Toby Fox – Undertale, Deltarune
  •  Ashly Burch – Life is Strange, Horizon: Zero Dawn
  •  Ojiro Fumoto – Downwell
  •  Dennis Wedin – Hotline Miami, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  •  Adrian Bauer – Owlboy, Savant Ascent, D-Pad Studios
  •  John ‘JJ’ James – 2064:Read Only Memories, Midboss
  •  Temmie Chang – Undertale, Dweller’s Empty Path
  •  Adam Heart – Killer Instinct, Iron Galaxy
  •  Rami Ismail – Nuclear ThroneRidiculous Fishing, Vlambeer
  •  Hannah Nicklin – RPS, Twisted Tree Games
  •  Kat Brewster – The Guardian
  •  Adam Tierney – WayForward
  •  Dant Rambo – Bit.Trip Runner, Choice Provisions
  • Jake Kaufman – Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Shovel Knight

In Issue 2 you will find the words and art of:

  •  Keita Takahashi – WattamKatamari DamacyNoby Noby Boy
  •  Laura E Hall – Boss Fight Books, Meridian Adventure Co.
  •  Tetsuya Mizuguchi – Tetris Effect, RezSpace Channel 5
  •  Simon Parkin – New Yorker, Observer
  •  Jenny Jiao Hsia – Consume Me
  •  John Ricciardi – 8-4 Play, NeiR: Automata, EGM, NOM UK
  •  Holly Nielsen – The Guardian, Royal Holloway
  •  Joakim ‘Konjak’ Sandberg – Iconoclasts
  •  Kris Piotrowski – Superbrothers Swords and Sworcery EPBelow
  •  Chella Ramanan – Assemble with Care, PoC in Play
  •  Ben Bertoli – Memory Card, Polygon, Kotaku
  •  John ‘JJSignal’ James – 2064: Read Only MemoriesNeurodiver
  •  Liam Wong – TO:KY:OOAfter Dark, Ubisoft
  •  Team Cherry – Hollow KnightHollow Knight Silksong
  •  Joe Sparrow – Amphibia, Homunculus
  •  Camille Young – Fangamer
  •  Keith Stuart – A Boy Made of Blocks, The Guardian

Interested parties have 16 days to fund the project. It has already hit $123,350 of its $53,822 goal, so it is safe to say these books are getting reprinted.

Enthusiasts, are you thinking about supporting the A Profound Waste of Time reprint? Let us know below.

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