Genesis Mini

The Genesis Mini is a little over a month away here in the United States, and there is a lot for Genesis fans like me to be excited about. As that September 19 release date inches closer, Sega has recreated one particular ad that is almost as well-known as the Genesis itself. You know the one. Back in the day, the “Genesis does what Nintendo’nt” ad was a ridiculously catchy direct shot at Nintendo. Now, the new version of the ad is still extremely catchy, but it does not take any shots at Nintendo. After all, the Genesis Mini is doing what Nintendid, is it not?

Below, you can check out the new ad, and the original just below it.

The Genesis Mini comes on September 19 with a really great 42-game line-up that includes the previously unreleased Darius and an extremely rare version of Tetris. My personal favorite Genesis title, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, has made the cut. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, the first video game I ever beat, will also make an appearance. While the lack of Super Thunder Blade is a little surprising, and the omissions of Quackshot and Phelios both hurt me personally, nostalgia alone might talk me into buying this. What about you? Are you looking forward to the Genesis Mini (or Mega Drive Mini, if you are in Europe)? Let us know in the comments.


Andrew Rockett
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