Sega Nomad prototype Sega Test seminar video Hiroyuki Miyazaki

File this under really weird and really cool: Sega has released a 22-minute seminar video about the company’s consumer hardware history, as taught by Sega producer Hiroyuki Miyazaki. This is apparently only the “1st session,” and on Jan. 23-24, 2021, there will be an actual online “Sega Test” (hyperlink not yet active) offered to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company. What happens if you do well on this test? … We’re not sure yet. But regardless, this seminar makes for a neat history lesson, and Miyazaki explains the codenames of old gaming hardware, in addition to revealing a prototype of the Sega Nomad.

Sega hardware codenames follow a naming convention having to do with the Solar System. For instance, Game Gear was called Mercury, and Sega Saturn was unique in that it actually kept its Saturn codename. However, it is apparently only an urban legend that the Genesis (Mega Drive elsewhere in the world) was called Earth. Amusingly, Miyazaki himself did not at first know that the Earth name was an urban legend, and as a result, he christened the Sega Genesis Mini with the corresponding codename of “Moon.”

The explanations get a little more complex from there, sometimes veering on dry, but this is a seminar designed to help with test-taking to prove you’re a hardcore Sega fan — so I guess it all checks out. Around 11:32, you can check out the Sega Nomad prototype too. Let us know if you plan on vigorously studying this video in anticipation of the test!


John Friscia
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