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Seven-year-old Simone Lim is a Pokémon esports champion

Pokémon Oceania International Championships VGC Junior Division Pokémon esports champion Pokémon Sword and Shield Simone Lim

Simone Lim has become a seven-year-old Pokémon esports champion. She competed in the recent 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships VGC Junior Division and is now the new champion. In order to win, Lim had to beat the defending champion, Justin Miranda-Radbord, who currently holds the record as 21-time Regional Champion and is almost twice Lim’s age. This was no easy feat but is incredibly impressive when you realize that this is Lim’s first year of competing.

Simone Lim, Pokémon esports champion

Lim ranked in the top four players in the Malaysian Regionals and at the Singapore Special Event. However, it’s her story in the finals of the Junior Division that tells a story worth making a movie out of. Lim won the first match against the reigning champion, but then she lost the second. As you’d expect with all sports movies, Lim managed to come back in the third round for a big win and become the champion.

One of the best parts of the entire match is Lim’s win. She just sits there smiling with glee, clearly just happy to be there. I bet her smile wouldn’t have been wiped off even if she had lost that third and final match.

Lim shows just how accessible esports is. There’s no reason for a competitor to have the mental agility of a cat in the middle of the night that’s just seen a moving leaf. Nor is there any reason for a champion to be at the peak of physical fitness. Lim shows that anyone can be a champion, anyone can have the skills to beat the best competition out there, and anyone can have fun playing games professionally.

The best part of the coverage of the match was Lim’s response when asked if she had anything else to add.

The entire exciting Pokémon final for the 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships VGC Junior Division is available to watch on YouTube. If you only watch esports once this year, make this the match for you.


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