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As the latest coronavirus sweeps across the world forcing everyone indoors, many are turning to video games to ease their boredom and stress. Millions are enjoying recent releases, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal, but others prefer to watch streamers instead. My personal favorite streaming event is the charity speedrunning marathon Games Done Quick. Their next event, SGDQ 2020, was scheduled for June, but COVID-19 has forced a delay.

COVID-19 delays SGDQ 2020

Because SGDQ 2020 is a week-long event with a packed live audience, June no longer seems viable. Chances are, COVID-19 will still be an issue that makes such a densely-packed public gathering too risky. The new dates (barring further delay) are August 16 through the 23.

As a ripple effect, this brings delays to the dates for attendee registration and game submissions as well. SGDQ 2020 attendee registration will now run from June 7 to July 20. Those who hope to participate as runners can submit their runs from April 29 and May 9.

An online marathon

In the meantime, Games Done Quick has just announced a new online marathon. Corona Relief Done Quick (CRDQ) will be held from April 17 through April 19 as a way to raise money for Direct Relief. 100% of profits from CRDQ will go to this humanitarian organization to aid in its mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. Games Done Quick released the following schedule for the event:

  • Game Submissions are open now until April 2nd. Please submit your games for consideration using the CRDQ Game Submissions Form.
  • Submissions to CRDQ will not impact submissions made to SGDQ.
  • Games List & Schedule: April 13

About Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick is an organization that has used speedrunning events to raise millions for charities over the years. Just a few months ago they raised over $3.1 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Their two main events, Summer Games Done Quick and Awesome Games Done Quick, are the main attraction, but they regularly hold smaller speedrunning charities and competitions online.


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