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Shadow Man, the 1999 cult classic action adventure, is getting a revival by developer Nightdive Studios. A few months back, the team showcased the remastered version of the game with its new audio and visual effects. Now, the team is back with some comparison images between the original and its Shadow Man: Remastered, along with new details on the project.

The screenshots contain the newly remastered version on the top half of the image, with the old version below. The screens vary in how much they actually show a difference, with some looking incredibly similar and others featuring some nice changes. Once released, we hope the upgrade is consistent across the entire game.

Shadow Man: Remastered comparison shots Nightdive Studios

Shadow Man: Remastered comparison shots Nightdive Studios

Shadow Man: Remastered comparison shots Nightdive StudiosNightdive Studios has also provided an updated feature list for the game. Some of the info is a bit technical (and might not be present on the Switch version), but there are some interesting details here. Shadow Man: Remastered will deliver a higher density of particle effects, refined art assets and audio, missing content from the original release, an improved gameplay experience, and more. This being 2020, the remake of course supports dual analog stick controls, as the original release did not. Here are some more comparisons shots of Shadow Man: Remastered.Shadow Man: Remastered comparison shots Nightdive StudiosWill you be playing this remastered cult classic on Switch when it releases in 2021?

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