Shakes on a Plane Overcooked

The hectic co-op series Overcooked has achieved classic status, as heavily evidenced by a growing line of games taking after its particular brand of chaos, including Tools UpMoving Out, and now, Shakes on a Plane, which was just revealed for Switch and PC with a November 12 release date. The title is undeniably heavily inspired by Overcooked, but “shakes” up the formula in many ways by throwing in an angry airline atmosphere, aliens, and about 30,000 feet of elevation. Check out the game’s reveal trailer below, courtesy of Assemble Entertainment. There are a few blips of gameplay showing that, yes, this indeed looks a whole lot like Overcooked. That’s not a bad thing at all.

I know that we have very little to go off of, but I’m generally quite into this growing genre. As such, the microscopic bit of gameplay we’ve seen is enough for Shakes on a Plane to be on my radar. It’s hopefully set to join games like Moving Out as an excellent extension of the genre that Overcooked and its sequel helped popularize. The added novelties of working in a plane – a notoriously high-pressure (or low-pressure, technically) environment – along with aliens and other chaotic interventions should help Shakes on a Plane differentiate itself from its genre brethren. That’ll hopefully culminate in a rewarding and exciting culinary co-op experience.


Andrew Rockett
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