Trent Steen, the developer behind the awkwardly-titled Shapes of Grey has released a new developer update. This new update discuses what makes the game unique, when the game can be expected and promises of further updates ahead of the games release.

Hey everyone! I\’m Trent Steen (otherwise known as Secret_Tunnel), and for the past eight months or so I\’ve been working on bringing my game Shapes of Gray to the Wii U.

Shapes of Gray is a top-down action-arcade game about progressing through a series of ten-second levels as quickly as possible—it kind of plays like Hotline Miami meets WarioWare. In each level, you\’ll encounter a series of enemy shapes that you have to defeat by using their attacks against each other to clear the level cleanly and efficiently. The various interactions between the shapes give the player quite a bit of freedom in how they want to tackle each challenge, despite the entire game taking place in a tiny circular arena.

For the full update, head on over to NegativeWorld.


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