With Team GO Rocket making headlines in Pokémon GO, you might find yourself short on Revives and Potions to heal up your Pokémon partners. If you’re having trouble in dealing with those Rocket grunts, then an upcoming in-game event might help even the odds! Niantic has just announced an event that’s all about showing appreciation to your fellow trainers.

Shiny Bonsly also makes its debut

pokemon go gift

The forthcoming Gift Event raises the cap on gift distributions between you and other players in your friend list. For a limited time, the number of gifts you can open per day will increase to 30, compared to the usual limit of 20. On top of that, you will also be able to carry more gifts in your inventory at a time, going up from 10 to 20. This is perfect for those who have a lengthy backlog of gifts to open, but be wary that you don’t hit your item limit on the way!

Plus, the 7km eggs that you receive from opening gifts will only take 2km to hatch! They will also look like your average 2km egg, but rest assured, these will still yield certain Alolan and Baby Pokémon. Take advantage of this perk so that you might walk away with a Shiny Bonsly!

The Pokémon GO Gift Event will last from Monday, August 5 at 1pm Pacific until the same time on Monday, August 19.


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