Nintendo features these two stars in the latest Tomodachi Life TV spot

As with the promotion of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo is keeping up its charisma for the imminent release of the life simulation Nintendo 3DS and 2DS game Tomodachi Life in the west on June 6. This latest trailer adds two more celebrity Miis to the existing collection put forth to help drum up excitement for the game.

This time around we see legendary basketball player, Shaquille O\’Neal, also known as \’that guy who starred in that terrible Shaq Fu game\’, as well as snowboarding icon Shaun White drumming up an appetite in the game. No need to worry though, being athletes, they\’ll burn off those calories in no time.

From Shaq breaking into windmill break-dancing move to Shawn White abruptly melting into a puddle, the 30-second television commercial gives viewers yet another example of what kind of crazy to expect out of the life simulator.



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