Shenmue I & II could be coming to Nintendo Switch

Shenmue fans rejoiced when Sega finally re-released the first two games in the cult franchise last month. Shenmue I & II came out as a package deal on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. But what about Switch owners? Don’t they deserve a chance to play a game of Lucky Hit too? It seems like Sega is listening!

Sega recently revealed poll results on which games fans wish to see from their Sega Ages lineup. Shenmue was shown high up on the list just under Jet Set Radio. That’s not too surprising considering the rabid fanbase that generated enough support for the modern revival to come out.

During Tokyo Game Show, 4Gamer interviewed members of the Shenmue localization team¬†and asked about the possibility of Ryo Hazuki’s adventure coming to Switch. They expressed interest in the idea, and stated how they’re listening to fans to take what they say into consideration. While that is exciting to hear, it doesn’t make anything official by any means. If Shenmue fans were able to help get remasters and a third game made, then anything is possible.

Shenmue I & II could be coming to Nintendo Switch


The first Shenmue game originally released in 1999 for Sega Dreamcast. It was the most expensive game at the time with costs reportedly between $47 and $70 million. The second title came out for Dreamcast in Japan and Europe, and the Xbox in North America and Europe a few years later. Low sales placed planned sequels in development limbo.

After several fan petitions online, creator Yu Suzuki announced Shenmue III as a Kickstarter project during E3 2015. The crowdfunding page initially caused Kickstarter to crash and met its initial $2 million goal in just eight hours. This effectively made it the fastest crowdfunding campaign to reach that amount, and pressured Sega to work on HD remasters of the first two games.

Here’s hoping a Switch port gets announced soon. Whether you’re searching for sailors or racing forklifts, it’s good to have options.

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