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As we’ve previously reported on, Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto talked to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently, and details keep emerging bit by bit. This time around, per Nintendo Everything translation, we have learned that Miyamoto has a desire at times to get back to developing a small project with a group of people, but he’s “got a lot of exciting things on (his) plate other than that.”

Famitsu cited Pikmin, Wii Music, and Nintendogs as games that Miyamoto was inspired to create by basic experiences in his life, so they asked if that was the sort of thing he would be interested in returning to. He responded affirmatively: “Yes, I am – stuff that’s right under my nose.” However, when asked what exactly he is working on right now, Miyamoto became cheerfully evasive: “Ah, my PR spokesperson told me not to say. My interests could turn into Nintendo products one day, you know. (Laughs)”

Regardless, it is common for a wildly successful person to have a desire to return to their roots and work on something simpler. Stuffy corporate structure in particular usually stifles a creative personality, but then again, things probably run a little differently at Nintendo.

What small-scale project might you like to see cooked up at Nintendo?


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