Shigeru Miyamoto Just Says No to MMORPGs

Considering his career in the gaming industry, it’s understandable to believe Shigeru Miyamoto could make any type of game he wants. He’s crushed platformers, conquered the adventure genre, cruised through racers, and more. But apparently, there is one genre that the man who helped put Nintendo on the map won’t touch: MMORPGs.

During his keynote address at the 2018 Computer Entertainment Developers Conference, Miyamoto touched on a number of topics. This included the rise of smartphone gaming, as well as the success of Minecraft (and how he wish Nintendo made it). But it was his stance on massively multiplayer online role-playing games that really caught wind with fans.

“A few years ago, when MMORPGs were coming into fashion, I didn’t want to make one. Since I get tired of things easily, I don’t want to keep making one game.”

Shigeru Miyamoto Just Says No to MMORPGs

It’s understandable that Shigeru Miyamoto wouldn’t want to dive into making an MMORPG. It’s simply not in his DNA to linger on a game for too long. There’s also considerating that the legendary game designer is in his mid-60s. Tackling a new genre that is more labor-intensive than anything he’s worked on before probably doesn’t sound all that fun.

Perhaps, instead, some other developers could pick up the reigns for a Mario or Zelda themed MMO. If any Nintendo owned franchise was to get the MMORPG treatment, however, Pokemon would make the most sense. Either way, Miyamoto-san has more than earned a break on this one.

David Giltinan
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