Variety is reporting that Shigeru Miyamoto is set to reveal the long-awaited Pikmin movie at Tokyo’s International Film Festival. These three shorts were initially meant to be released before last year’s Pikmin 3, but they fell under the radar and we haven\’t heard anything since.

The movie is a compilation of three shorts, which were shown to a select few last year. The titles of these three shorts are \”The Night Juicer\”, where Captain Olimar creates his favourite juice, \”Treasure In A Bottle\”, in which the Pikmin are introduced to a strange treasure, and \”Occupational Hazards\”, which is reportedly an adventure on a construction site.

According to this Polygon article from March last year, Miyamoto oversaw the development of these shorts in partnership with an external animation studio. This partnership was also responsible for the Pikmin introduction at E3 2012.

Would you consider buying these shorts or movie should they go on sale eventually? Let us know in the comments.


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