Final Fantasy Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto retires, Yoshinori Kitase takes over the role

Longtime Final Fantasy brand manager Shinji Hashimoto announced during Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 this weekend that he has stepped down from the position. Square Enix Vice President Yoshinori Kitase will take over the FF brand manager position.

Shinji Hashimoto originally joined Square in 1995 and worked as the producer for the Super Famicom tactical RPG Front Mission. His first work on the Final Fantasy series was promotions producer for Final Fantasy VII. Since then, he’s worked as a producer, executive producer, and several other roles for the company. In addition to serving as the Final Fantasy brand manager for over a decade, Hashimoto is credited as one of the co-creators of the Kingdom Hearts series.

While Hashimoto-san will be stepping down as brand manager, he will remain with Square Enix. He also currently holds an executive director position in the board of directors. The new Final Fantasy brand manager, Yoshinori Kitase, is currently one of the seven directors of the board.

Here’s our translation of Shinji Hashimoto’s message for the fans on Twitter:

“I’d like to thank you all for the warm messages about my HR report yesterday. I originally wanted to greet all of you around the world, but my dream wasn’t able to come true due to the coronavirus pandemic, so I apologize for having to do it over a live stream. I’ll continue to do my best as a supporter behind the scenes. While I stepped down from the position, I haven’t left the company and will continue working hard.”


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