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While gamers rejoiced over Terry‘s recent inclusion in Smash Bros. Ultimate, there was a notable absence in his stage. Mai Shiranui, the partner of Terry’s brother, Andy, was nowhere on the field providing poses. Sakurai didn’t include her due to fears of a rating change, and SNK fans were heartbroken. Thankfully, players are a resourceful lot and have been finding clever ways to get Shiranui into the title.

One way or another, Mai Shiranui is in Smash Bros. Ultimate

As evidenced by Kotaku, there are multiple instances of Mai popping up in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

First, there are photos of gamers naming their Mii characters after the ninja:


Image courtesy of Automaton Media

That’s a lot of Mais. Where are all of the Mii Gunners, though? Ninjas are allowed to have space blasters!

Also, players are creating levels with Mai Shiranui in the background. A lot of them are saucy:

Yes, those are some accurate jiggle physics.

Regardless of Sakurai’s reasoning for her removal, Mai Shiranui is a prominent figure in SNK’s history. She’s always been a fun fighter to learn in the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. Hopefully, she can be patched into Terry’s stage at a later date. With a more modest wardrobe, if necessary.

Enthusiasts, are you feeling Mai’s absence in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Have you thought of any creative stages that feature her in some way? Let us know below!


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