Shiren 2 fan translation

A fan translation of the classic Nintendo 64 dungeon crawler Shiren 2: Oni Invasion! has finally emerged over two decades after the game’s initial release. The patch comes courtesy of SharkSnack and Ozidual over on, and brings one of the most elusive Nintendo 64 titles to English-speaking audiences for the first time.

Even today, video game localization is far from a sure thing – go back twenty years to the late Nintendo 64 days, and you’d see plenty of publishers foregoing western translations and releases for some of their most popular games. That is why titles such as Shiren 2, which initially came out on Nintendo 64 in September 2000 in Japan, have been essentially unplayable for Western audiences up until the fan translation.

As part of the larger Mystery Dungeon series (which includes titles such as Chocobo Mystery Dungeon and, of course, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon), Shiren 2 boasts randomly generated dungeons, over 160 catchable monsters, and challenging dungeon-crawling gameplay. You can read a little bit more about the game’s premise below.

Follow 10-year old Shiren and his companion Koppa as they work to protect the Village of Napus from a terrible enemy. Climb mountains, float down rivers, journey through dungeons and maybe find paradise. But be careful! One wrong move and you could be sent back to the beginning with nothing more than your companion Koppa.

Shiren 2 is the 3rd game in the Mystery Dungeon series which began with Torneko’s Great Adventure and includes such popular series as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Chocobo Mystery Dungeon.

Are you interested in trying out the Shiren 2 fan translation? Have you played any other Mystery Dungeon games? Let us know in the comment section below.


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