Shmubedi Boo

Shmubedi Boo is trying to make its mark on the crowded Switch catalog of single-screen platformers. That won’t be easy with competition like Celeste and The End is Nigh, but this title might have enough vibrant charm to it to carve out a little niche for itself as players quest to liberate hordes of stolen apples from an evil rabbit. Check out some gameplay in the trailer below.

Releasing on October 7 at an entry price of $10, Shmubedi Boo is a low-risk plunge for all who are even a little intrigued by style and catchy name. The game promises to be “real hardcore” with over 100 increasingly difficult levels and five boss battles, while also offering co-op mode, seven different heroes to play as, and a power-up shop where you can spend some of the apples you worked so hard to save.

Watching the trailer, I’m not quite sold on Shmubedi Boo, but it’s certainly on my radar. While I love the colorful levels, the gameplay looks like it might be a little slow for my tastes, but there could be a deceptively quick playable character hiding somewhere for me. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one ahead of October 7.

Are you interested in Shmubedi Boo? What do you think of the gameplay trailer above? Do you think you’ll pick this one up, or are you already satisfied with other indie platformers on Switch like Celeste and plenty of others? Let us know in the comments below.


Andrew Rockett
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