With all the rumours and misinformation about the Deathstroke DLC for Batman Arkham Origins on the Wii U, it left a lot of confusion about it coming to the platform at all.  Shopto.net are offering pre-orders for the game but were using artwork that included the DLC sticker, we decided to reach out to Shopto for comment.


A customer services representative for Shopto stated;

I have looked into this for you and unfortunately this is an error as this format does not come with the Deathstroke DLC.  I apologise for any confusion caused this will be removed shortly, our purchasing team has advised that this format does not come with the deathstroke DLC.

What is unclear is if this is a definitive platform stance in regards to DLC, or if it is just specific to offering it as a pre-order bonus to Wii U consumers that will later become available after the game launches.

Batman Arkham Origins launches worldwide October 25th.
Shopto.net is offering Origins on Wii U for £39.85


We will update if any further news is received.


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