Brie Larson Metroid Dread Instagram

Brie Larson loves Metroid. I mean, it’s kind of obvious. So it comes as no surprise Brie Larson joined forces with Nintendo to promote Metroid Dread via Instagram. Also, the OLED model is on full display.

Brie Larson is kicking some butt in Metroid Dread

Check out the clip here.

In the footage, Larson talks about how Samus has inspired her since childhood. She also touches on maining the character in all of the Super Smash Bros. titles. There’s even a cheeky reference to Larson’s own portrayal of Captain Marvel. And she recommends playing Metroid Dread. That’s alright, Ms. Larson, I already know it’s amazing.

While I can see Larson is no slouch playing Metroid Dread, I have to wonder why Nintendo decided on this location to show off the Switch OLED model. The lighting isn’t great and there’s some glare throughout. At least she took the time to properly pronounce the device. Though Brie, if I’m being honest, no one I know says “Oh-Ell-Ee-Dee.” “Oh-Led” all the way, regardless of Nintendo’s wishes.

Enthusiasts, did Brie Larson convince you to buy Metroid Dread with this Instagram ad? Or have you already been enjoying the game since launch? Let us know!

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