Not too bad for an indie game huh?

Shovel Knight has been one of the most talked about indie games in recent memory, and with good reason. Getting a 9.5/10 from our own site and many others, Shovel Knight is a tremendous flash back to the past of 8-bit gaming classics such as Ducktales, Mega Man, and Castlevania, but has enough thing to keep the game content fresh. Yacht Club Games revealed some sales for the game today, and to say they were pleasing to the company is an understatement.

Of the total 180,000 units sold in the first month, over 48,000 of those were on the Wii U, and over 59,000 were on the 3DS, with the rest being on Steam and various other PC digital game platforms. The $15 price tag didn\’t seem to scare away any consumers and for good reason: the game is great. All of the Nintendo-related sales for the game are US only, as the game has not released in other regions yet.

Be sure to check out out our full review of Shovel Knight if you haven\’t picked up the game yet as well by clicking here.

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