Blaster Master Zero was a surprise game that ended up being very popular with 3DS and Nintendo Switch owners. A re-imagining of the original Blaster Master that released for the NES, Blaster Master Zero maintained the spirit of the original game while bringing it into more modern times, but keeping a retro aesthetic, that made it a fantastic game. Inti Creates has already released DLC in the form of Gunvolt and Ekoro for the game, but today, two indie heavyweights were announced for it: Shovel Knight and Shantae!

Version 1.3 of Blaster Master Zero will go live on July 6th, at which point the Shantae character DLC will be available on the Switch/3DS eShop. Shovel Knight will hit the eShop on August 3rd, and both characters just like Gunvolt and Ekoro before them, will be available for free for the first two weeks after they release. After their free download periods are over, the characters will be available for purchase for $1.99.

Shawn Long
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